Process any ERP/manual data in minutes
Collaborate with teams across locations
Derive business insights
Get auto-updated GST forms ready for action, and
Maximize your ITC match with IRIS Sapphire.

A time-saving GST Compliance tool for mid and large-sized businesses.

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IRIS Business Services Limited is a leading structured data solutions company with global presence in regulatory and compliance reporting software. IRIS is one of the 34 GST Suvidha Providers or GSPs appointed by the GST Network (GSTN).

As an ASP and GSP, we are here to make your return filing simple and hassle-free. Our offering, IRIS Sapphire is a comprehensive and integrated offering for your GST return filing and compliance built to make life easy for enterprises.

IRIS Sapphire is an application built with a highly scalable, available and secure architecture that will help you to file with GST. With built-in analytics and dashboards, IRIS Sapphire will ensure that you stay compliant, while always having a pulse on the process.

End-to-end ASP and GST solution

Highly scalable, available and secure architecture

Intuitive and easy to understand flow


For your indirect taxation team

The filing process is divided into various stages which makes it easier for the team to review at every stage, before moving to the next.

Choose what's best suited for you

You have multiple options to choose from for getting the data into IRIS system - API, SFTP or manual upload.

Set up business hierarchy

You can link all your GSTINs of your businesses, define hierarchy and user access and enable centralised process for return filing.

Business intelligence on your data

We have a palette of interactive dashboards, providing insights and updates to users of the enterprise, across departments, SBUs and hierarchies.

What you see, is what you file

We show two views for GST return - As per the prescribed PDF format and As required by the GST system.

Automate your return preparation

We take the invoice level granular data from you. The task of computing aggregate values, arranging invoices in return format and preparing the data ready for GST system, is our responsibility.

Get comparative views of data

Once data is saved at GST system, you can also see a comparative summary of data available in IRIS and GST system. This is a check-point to ensure data is proper and in sync.

Collaborate with your eco-system

You can share your data with the counterparties even before it is sent to the GST system. This minimises the scope of differences cropping up at later stages

If you are looking for a pure GSP solution, check out IRIS Zircon – our API Gateway


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Sharing of data within IRIS eco-system to enable perfect sync in the supply chain.