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Identify invoice mismatches between GSTR-2A and your purchase books and take necessary actions to maximize your ITC claim

20% ITC Rule : Capping the Claim

The central government vide Notification no 49/2019 central tax dated 9/10/2019 has inserted sub-rule (4) to rule 36 which restricts the ITC claim for invoices not uploaded by the supplier to 20% of the eligible claim. The cap of 20% on provisional ITC claim makes it necessary for taxpayers to have purchase invoice reconciliation as integral part of GST returns preparation.

Features of IRIS Sapphire Reconciliation

More than 850+ companies across the country trust IRIS Sapphire for their GST reconciliation

Image Bulk-upload for GST reconciliation

Upload purchase data for all your GSTINs in one go.

image Bulk-Download for GST Reconciliation page

Download GSTR 2A from GST system for all your GSTINs simultaneously.

Smart Reconciliation

Image -Smart-Reconciliation_Updated for GST Reconciliation Page

Automated Smart Reconciliation is performed to identify the comparable invoices and result of comparison is grouped into match, mismatch and missing invoices category

Image for Summary-Report GST Reconciliation page

Mark the reconciled and reviewed invoices and generate a summary report to know the reconciliation status

image -Vendor-Wise-Summary for GST reconciliation page

Get a vendor-level reconciliation result with break-up given month-wise

image for Trigger-Emails GST Reconciliation Page

Trigger emails to vendors highlighting the invoices that need further action.

Advance Reconciliation

User-triggered advance reconciliation through various rules.

Image - Across-Financial-Year for Advance Reconciliation

Match invoices from different financial years if invoice date, invoice value and taxable value are same.

image Fuzzy-Logic used for reconciliation

Match invoice numbers for random character patterns to show probable matches.

Image Beyond-Invoice-No Advance reconciliation page

Reconcile beyond invoice number for matches in taxable value, invoice value and tax rate.

Image User-Defined-tolerance advance reconciliation

Match invoices for values across parameters like taxable value, invoice value and tax amount under user defined tolerance levels.


As a registered taxpayer, reconciling your purchase invoices with the supplier uploaded invoices on GST system is a critical activity as it determines your ITC claim. Further, with Government issuing notices to taxpayers for the discrepancies in the ITC claimed in GSTR 3B and amount as per supplier uploaded details in GSTR 2A, it is necessary to reconcile data, follow up with counterparties and make adjustments and corrections in previously filed data.

The GST Reconciliation with IRIS Sapphire is efficient easy and time-saving. The Smart Reconciliation runs on the invoices uploaded by you and the auto-drafted details of GSTR 2A and categorizes the results as per the next actions required.

IRIS Sapphire covers all the possible scenarios of reconciliation from counter-party GSTIN match to invoice number and financial period match to give you more insightful and smarter reconciliation and buckets the differences into intuitive categories such as mismatch in values, missing invoices etc.

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