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IRIS Business Services Limited is a leading structured data solutions company and a leading GST Suvidha Provider (GSP). Our GST compliance solution, IRIS Sapphire, is being used by many large corporate houses and accounting firms.

IRIS Topaz is our offering for all your E-way Bill Needs. A cloud-based offering, IRIS Topaz, will allow you to manage all your tasks related to E-way Bill in an easy and automated way.

Topaz is designed to enable creation of business hierarchy and role assignment which mimics your sales and dispatch processes.

Being an established GSP, the infrastructure and security requirements for integration with Government's system are already in place. For those who wish for automated and seamless experience, it's just the matter of integration with our enhanced application interfaces.

One-stop solution for all E-way bill needs

Multiple interfaces - Web, Desktop and API

Mimics your sales and dispatch processes


All about E-way bill

You can manage entire life cycle of an EWB which includes generation, updating, rejection, and cancellation

Work on the web interface

Intuitive and user friendly web-interface and assured persistent log-in experience.

Use desktop utilities

MS Excel based utility helping you to manage all your tasks related right on your desktop.

Integrate with API

Embed the APIs with your existing systems or define your own interfaces and experience a automated workflow

Perform bulk actions

Operate on single or multiple E-way bills at a time.

Utilities for efficiency

Features such as distance calculator, check for duplicate invoices, smart filters will make your tasks easy and simple

Set business hierarchy

You can link all your GSTINs of your businesses, define hierarchy and user access and enable centralised or decentralized process for E-way bill generation

Reports and dashboards

Derive key business insights and use it for audit purposes

If you are looking for a pure GSP solution, check out IRIS Zircon – our API Gateway


What we have created


Comprehensive cloud-based solution for GST resulting in hassle-free compliance

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One stop solution for all Eway Bill needs to ensure smooth movement of goods

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Bridging the data needs in the funding process for better managing of working capital needs.

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Desktop utilities supporting GST compliance, Eway bill operations and others


API Gateway to the Government systems allowing to create seamless experience

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Searchable data repository facilitating automation and data validation

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Reporting and BI tools for deriving meaningful insights


Knowledge repository of IRIS GST

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Sharing of data within IRIS eco-system to enable perfect sync in the supply chain.