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APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) enable to establish direct communication between various systems. Additionally, APIs being secure and efficient to maintain, most of the IT platforms design their systems using APIs. In India, the GST IT platform and the E-way system have also exposed their APIs to third parties.

However, the direct access to APIs is only for designated set of organisations called as GST Suvidha Providers (GSP). IRIS is one of the GSPs appointed by the GST Network (GSTN).

IRIS Zircon, our API gateway, enables connect with GST system via secure GST system APIs and NIC system via secure EWB APIs. If you an Application Service Provider (ASP) providing GST filing and e-way bill generation solutions to end taxpayers or a taxpayer ready to consume the APIs exposed by GSTN and NIC. IRIS Zircon is the solution for you, to give you an integrated and seamless connection between your systems and Governments system.

IRIS Zircon makes available to you all the APIs that are exposed by Government's systems and you can build a seamless and automated flow for GST filing and E-way bill operations.

Selected as GSP in the first round

ISO 27001:2013 certified as per GSTN mandate and requirements

Connected to GSTN and NIC systems


Flexible Plans

Flexible pricing plans to suit various types of usage
Zero upfront fees and subscription based pricing
Free trial on Sandbox and Production for 15 days

High Availability

Hosted on High Availability mode on AWS cloud and designed for high scale and low latency

Secured access

Common IRIS client ID and secret for all API interfaces
Access to Stage Environment for sandbox testing

Dashboard for monitoring

Portal for users to track and monitor API consumption for different services

If you are looking for an integrated solution, check out IRIS Sapphire for GST filings and IRIS Topaz for E-way bill


What we have created


Comprehensive cloud-based solution for GST resulting in hassle-free compliance

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One stop solution for all Eway Bill needs to ensure smooth movement of goods

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Bridging the data needs in the funding process for better managing of working capital needs.

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Desktop utilities supporting GST compliance, Eway bill operations and others


API Gateway to the Government systems allowing to create seamless experience

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Searchable data repository facilitating automation and data validation

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Reporting and BI tools for deriving meaningful insights


Knowledge repository of IRIS GST

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Sharing of data within IRIS eco-system to enable perfect sync in the supply chain.