CESS Advol and Non Advol Related Changes

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1. Total Cess Non-Advalorem Amount and Other Charges

At invoice level, additional fields for Total Cess Non-Advalorem Amount and Other Charges have been added. For Other charges at invoice level, even negative value is allowed.

2. Label change is done for Cess advalorem Amount to CESS Non Advol Amount and CESS Amount to CESS Advol Amount

As well as label changes for CESS rate to CESS Advol rate and Total CESS Amount – Invoice Level to Total CESS Advol Amount – Invoice Level

3. Standard rates are defined for Cess advalorem and cess non advalorem. Only the mentioned tax rates will be acceptedNote that Total Cess Non Advol Amount – Invoice Level, you need to calculate as per logic build at NIC end. This will not get auto-computed when you click on Calculate Invoice level values button.

Tax Rate  IGST (%)   CGST (%)  SGST (%)  CESS -Advol(%)       

    CESS -NonAdvol

(Rs) or 1 or 3 or 5 or 11 or 12 or 12.5 or 15 or 17 or 20 or 21 or 22 or 36 or 49 or 60 or 61 or 65 or 71 or 72 or 89 or 96 or 142 or 160 or 204 or 2900 or 400 or 2076 or 2747 or 3668 or  4006 or 4170