Create GSTR 1

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Create GSTR 1

After reviewing the invoices, you can create GSTR1 by following the below mentioned steps:

1. Go to the ‘GSTR1’ tab and click on ‘Create GSTR1’ option.

2. Confirm the creation of GSTR1 (invoices with errors or pending user approval will not be considered while creating GSTR-1) to generate GSTR1.

3. GSTR-1 for selected filing entity and filing period would be created and can be viewed table-wise as shown with an illustration below. The Summary tab will provide details of the uploaded data as per the GSTN API classification. Also if you uploaded your data division code wise then you will also get division code wise summary.


Mapping of return tables and GSTR Summary

Following are the different headers and corresponding table number in the return format of GSTR-1.

HeaderReturn Table No.
1. B2B4A/B/C,6B/C
2. B2CL5A/B
3. B2C (Others)7
4. Credit/Debit Notes
5. Credit/Debit Notes
6. Exports6A
7. Advance Received11A(1)/A(2)
8. Advance Adjusted11B(1)/B(2)
9. NIL/Non-GST/Exempt Supplies.8A/B/C/D
10. HSN Summary12
11. Document Details13


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