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Search Request:

GSTIN “Search” request provides General information about that GSTIN which got registered with GSTN. General Information Includes below details:

Sr. No.Fields Brief Explanation
1GSTIN/UINGSTIN/UIN no. for which you are searching general information
2Legal Name of BusinessProvides Legel name of the business for searched GSTIN
3Trade NameProvides Trade name for search GSTIN
4Date of registrationProvides date on which registration has taken for Searched GSTIN
5Taxpayer TypeProvides taxpayer type like whether Regular taxpayer/ISD/SEZ taxpayers for searched taxpayer
6Constitution of BusinessProvides constitution of business for a searched GSTIN
7Nature of Business ActivitiesProvides nature of business activities like a service provider or recipients of goods and services for searched GSTIN
8Centre JurisdictionProvides centre jurisdiction for searched GSTIN
9State JurisdictionProvides state jurisdiction for searched GSTIN
10Date of CancellationProvides date of cancellation when GSTIN status is canceled for searched GSTIN
11GSTIN / UIN StatusProvides GSTIN status like Active, Canceled or Provisional for searched GSTIN
12ErrorProvides error description if any error comes from GSTN side while fetching data
13Fetch TimeProvides fetch date and time on which data got fetched from the GSTN portal

Filing Status:

Filing status request provides you the filing history for searched GSTIN

Sr. No.FieldBrief Explanation
1GSTIN/UINGSTIN/UIN no. for which you are searching return filing status
2StatusProvides filing status like filed or submitted for searched GSTIN
3ValidProvides filing is valid or not valid i.e. Y or N for searched GSTIN
4Date of FillingProvides date on which return is filed for searched GSTIN
5ARN NumberProvides ARN number for filed returns for searched GSTIN
6Mode of FillingProvides details through which way return was filed for searched GSTIN
7Return PeriodProvides return period for which returns were filed
8Return TypeProvides return type like GSTR 1 or GSTR 3B for searched GSTIN
9ErrorProvides error description if any error comes from GSTN side while fetching data


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