ITC 04 Input Format

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Scope and Mapping of ITC 04 Input Formats

For ITC 04, there are two input formats one is related to transactions from manufacturer to Job worker and second is transactions from job worker to manufacturer. Let’s see in detail:

Table number as per ReturnTable HeadingInput Format and details need to provide
4Details of inputs/capital goods sent for job-work

Input format sheet name: MFG to JW

Here the transactions related to goods sent by a manufacturer to job worker for further proceeding will get covered

5Details of inputs/capital goods received back from job worker or sent out from business place of job-work

Input format sheet name: JW to MFG

Here three types of transactions will get covered:
1. Job worker sent goods back to the principal manufacturer
2. Job worker sent goods to another job worker for further processing
3. Job worker directly supplies processed goods