New Validation Rule based upon Combination of Supply Type and Document Type

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New validation rule based on the combination of Supply type, sub-supply type, document type, GSTIN  of Consignor and GSTIN  of Consignee are added

For example, If the user passes the Transaction as “Outward” for O, Sub-types of Supply as “Supply” for 1  then user can pass in document type as “Tax Invoice” or “Bill of Supply” unlike in previous version where user can pass any document type for e-way bill generation and now in GSTIN of the Consignor, user needs to mention self GSTIN and in GSTIN of Consignee Other-party GSTIN or URP is accepted.

See the List of all combinations which are allowed:

Transaction  Type  Transaction  Sub-Type  Document Type    From GSTIN (Supplier) To GSTIN (Buyer) 
OutwardSupplyTax InvoiceSelfOther GSTIN /URP
Bill of SupplySelfOther GSTIN /URP
ExportTax InvoiceSelfURP
Bill of SupplySelfURP
Job WorkDelivery ChallanSelfOther GSTIN/URP
SKD/CKDTax InvoiceSelfOther GSTIN /URP
Bill of SupplySelfOther GSTIN /URP
Delivery ChallanSelfOther GSTIN /URP
Recipient not knownDelivery ChallanSelfSelf
For own UseDelivery ChallanSelfSelf
Exhibition or fairsDelivery ChallanSelfSelf
Line SalesDelivery ChallanSelfSelf
OthersDelivery ChallanSelfSelf/Other
InwardSupplyTax InvoiceOther GSTIN /URPSelf
Bill of SupplyOther GSTIN /URPSelf
ImportBill of EntryURPSelf
SKD/CKDBill of EntryURPSelf
Tax InvoiceOther GSTIN /URPSelf
Bill of SupplyOther GSTIN /URPSelf
Delivery ChallanOther GSTIN /URPSelf
Job Work ReturnsDelivery ChallanOther GSTIN /URPSelf
Sales ReturnDelivery ChallanOther GSTIN /URPSelf
Exhibition or fairsDelivery ChallanSelfSelf
For Own UseDelivery ChallanSelfSelf
OthersDelivery ChallanSelf/OtherSelf