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Status of Returns Filed

Every Taxpayer needs to file returns to the Government on monthly and/or quarterly basis. The return to be filed also depends on the type of taxpayer. The key returns currently being filed by a Regular Taxpayer are

  1. GSTR 1 – Details of outward supplies (i.e. sales). Taxpayers having turnover below INR 1.5 cr have an option to go for quarterly filing. All other taxpayers, need to file on a monthly basis.
  2. GSTR 3B – Monthly summary of sales, input tax credit availed, tax liability and settlement.
  3. GSTR 4 – Quarterly return for taxpayers who have opted for composition scheme

The following information available for every return that is filed

DescriptionField SpecificationExample
ARN Number generated after filingAlphanumeric (Max length:25)AA010143556587A
Tax Period Selected by userString(MMYYYY)032018
Mode of FilingString((OFFLINE/ONLINE))ONLINE
Date of FilingString(DD-MM-YYYY)08-02-2017
Return TypeStringGSTR1
Status of the Return filedString(10 Character)Filed
Is Return Valid/Invalid ?1 CharacterY/N

There could be other returns filed on need basis such for transferring transitional credit, job details etc. Other taxpayer types such as ISD, Casual Taxpayer, UIN holder have a different set of returns.

On passing the GSTIN, these details are available through the Taxpayer Return Status API.

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