Automated, Integrated

and Seamless e-Invoicing Solution



Generate e-Invoice

Ability to get e-invoices generated from one or multiple internal billing systems

Get IRN Seamlessly

Process of getting IRN should be seamless and zero disruption to continue business as-is

Bridge Data Gaps

Bridging the data gaps, if any, for meeting e-invoicing compliance needs

Prepare for Future

Comprehensive and future proof approach to cater to existing as well as upcoming compliance requirements


A Cloud Based E-invoicing Solution

Bulk Upload

Bulk upload and generation IRN

Advanced Validations

Business rules and advanced or custom validations to ensure data is valid as per Govt prescribed standards as well as your business practices

Invoice Templates

Customize invoice templates and print and share invoices with customers and vendors

EWay Bill and GST Returns

Initiate eway bill operations and GST returns filings from IRN

Invoice Archiving

Archive for signed invoices for audit and future reference

Billing Module

Integrated billing module

Custom Filters

Set your filters and prefereces for viewing and downloading data

Custom Views for Users

User roles and access the data view and operations to users

PAN Level Operations

Manage multiple GSTINs and locations under GSTIN under single business hierarchy


Recognized Name

An IRIS offering, a brand in GST compliance trusted by large business houses

One-Stop Solution

Integrated offering which takes care of e-invoicing, eway bill and gst compliance

Multiple Integration options

Range of integration options to choose from which helps you to align einvoice as per your business process

Easy Monitoring

Operate at PAN or place of business levels under gstin, flexibility to operate at micro level and monitor at macro

Hassle-Free Data Integration

You send us the data, the technical complexities of encrypt,decrypt and manage sessions for all you gstins we'll do

Future- proof

Facilitating audit by storing /archiving all the historically signed data

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