Empowering Financial institutions with data based lending using GSTN Ecosystem

IRIS Credixo

IRIS Credixo helps lending institutions to move from traditional asset-based lending to data-based lending. The likes of Banks, NBFC’s and Fintechs can simplify their credit assessments with consented GST data.

This helps to bring down their cost of processing and arresting increase in NPA’s. Use of GST data transforms turnover and cash flow based financing to one based on first hand, real time information.

India is expected to have huge credit growth across sectors and more lending to MSMEs is in the offing. This provides us a unique opportunity to re-imagine credit products like never before. Credixo stands at the intersection of Data and Lending Experience.

It allows lenders to grow volumes, stand out from the competition and gather meaningful customer data to provide seamless “lending in the box” credit experience and design tailored customer journeys.

Why GST Based Lending?

  • Image
    Granular Data
  • Image
    Invoice  Verified
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    6 M + GST Returns
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    Digitally Signed
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    Easily Accessed
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    Real time data

How IRIS Credixo Work?

  • Signing in Credixo
    In Credixo, Lender signs in and shares either GSTIN or pan number of customer (or API sharing is enabled through an integration with the ASP & lender)
  • Get access to  GST data
    In a few clicks, the Lender is able to access specific  GST data as per your credit model
  • Build credit score and make credit offer
    With consent, the lender uses this data for underwriting, build a credit score and makes a credit offer to the MSMEs
  • Complete the KYC
    The MSME provides his bank account details for real-time loan disbursement and based on the type of the business you can complete KYC
  • Take mandate either digitally or physically
    Take mandate either digitally or physically based on the customer for repayments
IRIS Credixo empowering financial institute for building Credit score for Lending using GST Data

What does GST Data has?

Statewise bifurcation of B2B and B2C , Breakup of sales
Vendors Data
Details vendors across products and their breakdown , Top 10 Vendors
Customers Data
Details customers across products and their breakdown , Top 10 Customers
Purchase Data
Inward supplies of goods and services with company health trends
Sales Data
Outwards supplies of goods and services, aggregate turnover and HSN – wise summary with company health trends
Public Data
GST registration Details compliance status

Why IRIS Credixo?

Credixo is at the intersection of Digital Data and Lending Demand. It allows technology-driven credit scoring and assessment models driven by a massive volume of data from various disparate sources, compiled and analysed extensively with the help of algorithms to derive useful insights.

The resulting credit score are then used by lenders to take decisions pertaining to the financing of loans such as assigning interest rates, quantum of loans, deciding on repayment terms, timelines.

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    Arrests increase in NPA’s
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    Robust credit appraisal process
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    Monitors cash flows
  • Image
    Measures borrower’s business
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    Enhances ability to give loans
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    Allows access to their suppliers
IRIS Credixo is at the intersection of Digital Data and Lending Demand

Future With Open Banking

Evolution of lending with GST data and E Way bill information to explain future of open banking
Help build customers complete financial profile facilitating innovative lending offering and making lending more customer centric.
Transaction data with GST data along with MCA, Bank statements can prevent defaults with early warnings
Enable efficient collection by tracking funds and triggering alerts when customers miss repayments for any loans that they have taken across all lending firms.
Improve customer experience with digitization, advances in data analysis, intelligent use of tech, AI and machine learning by building superior credit assessment models.

What more can you do with Credixo?

Integrate other data sources
  • Annual filings with MCA
  • Income Tax Return
  • Bank statements
Create and define credit templates
  • Populate data in templates
  • Early warning systems
  • Fraud Detection
Evaluate Vendors

  • Check compliance
  • Filing scorecard
  • Vendor risk rating

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